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cute container garden :-)

container gardening picture of of tillandsias in a martini glass

How To: Throw a Terrarium Party — The Note Passer

How To: Throw a Terrarium Party

A good chart showing what to plant for a closed or open terrarium. How To: Throw a Terrarium Party (the charcoal is an important step to keep the mold out!

Terrain Open Drop Terrarium #shopterrain || planted with Angel Vine

Open Drop Terrarium

Open Drop Terrarium (easily duplicated with a simple glass or vase from Goodwill).

Black Swan Garden Design: Carnivorous Plants

Ive always wanted one of these plants, but in giant size to take care of the summer bugs. Fishbowl terrarium w/ carnivorous plants

How to Make a Terrarium with Kids (I'm jumping on the terrarium wagon too! Thanks a lot for those cute pins A & J!!)

I had a couple terrariums growing up. This is a great project for teaching your kids the circle of life for plants. You can get this as a kit with everything included and ready to go or turn it into a DIY project.

How to Design & Style an Orchid

Use this easy step-by-step tutorial to style an affordable grocery store orchid plant into a floral shop design by handcrafted lifestyle expert Lia Griffith