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Hes deffff missin out. But once a player... always a player. ;) But this me ALL DAY

Right., if you like me tell me, I don't like to be lead on.., and I don't like my feelings to be played with, don't give me the impression that will drive me crazy thinking about! So just tell the truth!!

If you show me you don't give a fuck. I'll show you that I'm better at it... #words #relationship #philosophy #quote

Look nice and dress up for ourselves because we DESERVE it! OHHH YES WE DO!!! Another Great One for ME!!!

Its to the point now , with all your lies, sneeking around with a married man who you have fallin in love with, your lack of trying and your blatant uncaring/unloving attitude towards me, makes me not even care if you miss me or not. You have DESTROYED A MARRIAGE AND WHAT I THOUGHT TO BE A UNBRAKEABLE LOVE !!! HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO WRONG ABOUT YOU ! YOU ARE AN UNGRATEFUL BITCH . EVERYTHING I DID FOR YOU AND YOU GO AND FUCK OFF WITH ANOTHER MAN. 5OU MAKE ME SICK AUDREY.

truth! i'm to good to chase anybody!

selfish lovers #love #fallinlove #iloveyou #lovehard #inlove #lovequotes #romance #romantic #hopelessromantic #couple #relationshipquotes

This quote has a very similar subject to the subject of Lear's journey. Lear thought that he had his whole life figured out and he thought that nothing could go wrong. Before he knew it, he felt betrayed by Cordelia, he was in reality betrayed by Goneril and Regan, and he became lost in life. If he did not take Cordelia's beliefs as an attack upon him, maybe he would of survived in the end.

~ Behind every beautiful girl; there's a guy who did her wrong, and made her strong. That is so true!

Together if its really meant to be. If only everyone thought this way instead of forcing or being crazy/psycho.. just let it be!! all I want is to be happy I could careless about all the extra.. Let God <3