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There is no such thing as a bad dog. Only a bad owner. pitbulls are only as mean as you make them

Not ALL Pit Bulls are "bad"!

An old, but still awesome story. Some places incorrectly say he is a Pit Bull. Pits are awesome, but in this case the credit has to go to the Dogo Argentino breed. things-that-make-me-smile

Beautiful dog, tends to get stuck with the ugly owner who makes it the bad dog.

Never had a Pit Bull, but have sympathy with the way the breed is characterized. "Have known Pit Bulls they are the sweetest things. Bad owners make them bad.

Don't shop... adopt. Save life. The life you are saving is not him, it's you. Save an animal from the SPCA today. Every family has room for more love, trust me. Charlie knows.

Adopt, change a life. I love animals and it kills me to see animals in shelters and know that I can not adopt them all and take them all home with me.

Just one more reason to add a four footed member to the family >Dog warns parents babysitter was abusing child...

Funny pictures about Dog warns parents that babysitter was abusing child. Oh, and cool pics about Dog warns parents that babysitter was abusing child. Also, Dog warns parents that babysitter was abusing child.

Dogs are family's photo:   Daisy Mae used to spend her days being tortured and forced to fight, but now she spends most of her time cuddling those who need it most.

Daisy Mae, a former dog-fighting dog who cuddles with the elderly and frail, and even allows small children to hold her tight when they are undergoing painful medical procedures. I hate when people say pitbulls are bad dogs! they are the sweetest.

Yeap, that's one vicious dog right there.  LOL

Modified Police Respond to Vicious Dog in Baltimore City. The dog was so vicious he licked the officer to death. :) The officer responded to a "dangerous pit bull" situation and came home with his new best friend.

I don't understand how a human being can go to such lengths to hurts an innocent animal

And we call pit bulls the "monsters"? Dog fighting MUST STOP! Please REPORT animal abuse/animal cruelty!

Aaaawww..... :-(

Guy Skyped with his dog after not seeing him in 5 months, and received this picture from his mom after they disconnected. Dogs are the only animals that love their owner more than themselves.so sweet. *Be still my heart*

I have pinned this human showing the love he has for his "family" member. This guy is my Hero.  I can only wish that he and I are not the only two who believe like this.  I learned in combat that you never leave "one of your own". I will never leave one of my own unless I die while trying to bring my entire family out with me. Amen.

People doing amazing things for animals Pictures): Yes, I am a softie. I cannot make it through these photos without crying. This is a beautiful example of the bond between humans and animals.