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El escarabajo sagrado


Ancient Egyptian Green Limestone Scarabs

The winged scarab symbolized self-creation.

Pectoral with Heart scarab, New Kingdom, Dynasty 19, ca. 1307-1196 B.C.

♔ Ancient Egyptian scarab

Isis, Osiris, Horus, Hathor, Anubis...

Ptolemaic Scarab - Glass & Gold. Greek. Circa 332-30 BCE.

Bronze Celtic Triskele Brooch, about 1st Cent. BC TRISQUEL ,cuya traducción vendría a ser “tres alas”; entre ellos el más popular quizás sea el trisquel celta, formado por tres alas o brazos en espiral que giran sobre su centro formando una hélice. Esta forma u otras similares han sido utilizadas por diversas culturas, y en todas ellas ha sido considerado como símbolo benefactor, representativo de los elementos, imagen del sol, principio del fin, eterna evolución, etc.

Gold cloisonne earrings--Egypt

Ancient Egyptian scarabs. Carved brown limestone heart scarab, once placed on the throat, chest, or heart of the Mummy. Some were worn by the deceased on a necklace, or mounted in gold settings as a pectoral. Heart scarabs provided the bearer with the assurance that at the final judgment as depicted in the Book of the Dead, the bearer would be found ”True of Voice” and accepted into the eternal afterlife by the God Osiris. At the bottom, hieroglyphics and Egyptian symbols including a bird. V...

Throne of Princess Satamun Embellished with gold and silver foil, this wooden throne comes from the tomb of Yuya and Tuyu, great-grandparents of King Tutankhamun.


Scarab Stele


Egyptian Scarab Relief


Photo 8. Details of a cosmetic box Tutankhamun. Picture in Picture in H. Stierlin, L'or des pharaohs, Paris, 1993, p. 50.

Ancient Egypt Jewelry

An #Egyptian rock #crystal #scarab. Late Period, circa 664-332 B.C.