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The Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat has colorful, raised dots that keep your baby from sliding around--especially useful when he begins to stand-- and suction cups to keep it securely attached to the bath. (Note that if your tub is textured, the suction may not stay flat.)

Tub Stopper

If you're like us and can't remember the last time you took a bath in your home (ever?), you may want to make sure you still have a drain plug-- and one that isn't too leaky. The OXO Tot Silicone Tub Stopper is more beloved by parents than we ever thought a drain plug could be. The plug fits securely into the drain and has a suction to "lock" it to the floor. It's also much better looking than it has to be.

Summer Infant makes a foldable tubside seat that is about tub-height and can give your knees a break from kneeling. One side has a fabric storage panel that has room to slip in bath care products.

While not altogether necessary, Skip Hop also makes a very cute matching Waterfall Bath Rinser. It won't do much more than a deep Tupperware container or other plastic vessel, it does have the benefit of a rubber lip that is soft on baby's head, and also helps to direct water flow where you want it, even under the squirmiest of conditions.

The Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover is easy on the eyes. And soft on heads and chins and elbows that might otherwise bump the tub's metal faucet, including on the way up (the Skip Hop covers come down below the faucet head).