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Ever make mistakes in life?  Use the Bob Ross method and attitude and lets make them birds.  Yeah, they're birds now.  (And happy ones at that too!)

They're happy birds that live in happy trees! I love Bob Ross aka the happy painter

Beach at the Iberostar Grand Paraiso in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  One of my best vacations - this place is amazing! dreaerin

I'm actually old enough to know that this isn't a tupperware container. It's a canister that we used to use to store camera film.

This boy is going to grow up and do great things @Desirae Hicks  @Tori Crum

This boy is going to grow up and do great things…

Got distracted for 5 seconds when I hear my son saying, "Look Dad, I'm the lawyer from Jurassic Park." Kid lying in the mouth of a dinosaur head statue.

Smoking hot - Imgur

Smoking hot

'Being Cremated is My Last Hope for a Smoking Hot Body', Ha, Funny and Sad 'cause it's so True!not me!

Funny pictures about Canadian road sign. Oh, and cool pics about Canadian road sign. Also, Canadian road sign.

Philosoraptor on money and banks.

Funny pictures about Philosoraptor on life. Oh, and cool pics about Philosoraptor on life. Also, Philosoraptor on life photos.

Teacher humor

Guardian masterclass: the essentials of grammar with David Marsh

The games get pretty crazy at English teachers' parties. Grammar Humor Pin the apostrophe on the ITS

Dexter Roona - Google+

Funny pictures about Bad manners. Oh, and cool pics about Bad manners. Also, Bad manners.

Sooooo true...

25 Puns So Terrible They Should Be Made Illegal

I said this to my Algebra Teacher once, she did not get it. That's okay, I didn't get Algebra either. My Geometry teacher had a far better sense of humor. Algebra never make sense until after I took Geometry any way.

3D kleed

Ahahahahaha I legit thought there were stairs there! I thought that it was talking about a rug going down the stairs!

I highly doubt bacteria honor the five second rule... #DeltaDental

Funny pictures about The 5 second rule. Oh, and cool pics about The 5 second rule. Also, The 5 second rule.

And NOW you know!......you all look like idoits with your pants so low!

Funny pictures about Anatomy of an urban thug. Oh, and cool pics about Anatomy of an urban thug. Also, Anatomy of an urban thug photos.

Jeremy Wade bravely poses with the 5ft long goliath tigerfish caught during an expedition up the River Congo in Africa

This Deadly river creature is the Giant Goliath Tiger Fish. This river monster can be found living in the Congo River basin, Lualaba River and Lake tanganiyi.