Titanic Artifacts on display. All Titanic artifacts should be owned by a museum to be preserved for historical purposes or owned by a direct descendent of the original owner of artifact aboard Titanic. These artifacts are precious and rare and tell the heroic, horrifying, and heart breaking stories of those who were on the ill fated ship.

Artifacts from the Titanic A very tragic event, have we really learnt from it tho?

Stained glass windows survive from the Titanic spa.

The Turkish Bath, inside the Titanic. Ceramic tiles framed in durable teak shimmer in the first-class spa. This "photo" of the sunken Turkish Bath on the Titanic was created by Ken Marschall by stithing together muliple video frames.

Titanic Survivors, 1912

Survivors of the Titanic disaster are greeted by their relatives upon their safe return to Southampton, England.

An item bequeathed to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England, by Walter Lord shows the Titanic luncheon menu signed by survivors of the Titanic. (National Maritime Museum/ London) #

Titanic at 100 years

Titanic's last First Class Lunch menu from April 14 1912 (Sold March 2012 for

Historic photograph of Titanic's B 59, a stateroom done in the Old Dutch style

One of Titanic's second class cabins.and second class today looks like the smallest dorm room for one!

After seeing the Titanic exhibit, this is interesting stuff. A series of pictures, newspaper articles, and other artifacts from the Titanic.

This Tuesday, April 2012 photo shows index cards from The Associated Press Corporate Archive in New York listing stories written by the wire service about the Titanic. It was a news story that would change the news.

Titanic Fact #22: There were only two bathtubs for third class passengers.

Titanic Fact There were only two bathtubs for third class passengers. White Star Line