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Sasha Goldberger

French photographer Sacha Goldberger reimagined Catwoman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and others as century superheroes.

Batman  Source: Sacha Goldberger

Batman Source: Sacha Goldberger

If Avengers had only ladies

Absolutely - Amber Heard, Alison Brie, Sandra Bullock And Other Lady Avengers

This Is How Your Favorite Superheroes Looked in the 16th Century

Photographer Sacha Goldberg went back to his childhood to get inspiration and mixed icons of American culture with Flemish school painting styles.

Direct continuation of his Super Flemish series, the talented French photographer Sacha Goldberger continues to mix pop culture, superheroes, Flemish paintin

Family Portrait || Sacha Goldberger || http://sachagoldberger.com/

'family portraits' of century-styled super heroes and villains

The superheroes re-imagined in Flemish Paintings

Super Flemish, The Superheroes Re-imagined In Flemish Paintings

Photographer Sacha Goldberger created this playful new series Super Flemish. Some of our favorite pop culture characters like Darth Vader and Snow White got the Flemish treatment as photos of them resembled century paintings.

Alice in Wonderland / karen cox.  Superheroes Reimagined as 16th Century Paintings - My Modern Met

Superheroes Reimagined as 16th Century Paintings

Super flemish | Sacha Goldberger Photographe

If Superheroes Were From The Elizabethan Age: Batman by Sacha Goldberger

Flemish Tusken Raider

Portraits Of Your Favorite Superheroes (In Flemish Style)

Sacha Goldberger is the man behind this project who creates an amazing photography of Male and Female portraits dressed in old dutch civilization fashion.

Modern Dutch Portrait Photography Inspired by Flemish Paintings

Pencil carving? by LiveLoveLaughMyLife

Funny pictures about Pencil carving? Oh, and cool pics about Pencil carving? Also, Pencil carving?