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Anotaciones tipo diario de viaje + distintos soportes + ritmo +  caligrafía.

Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities – Annual Report.

Citizen Playing Cards on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

Citizen Playing Cards

Creative playing cards : Citizens, The sons of Liberty, and more.

Four Deuces invitation and party favor design for Realities for Children, Fort Collins, Colorado

beautiful use of photoshop to create image

Under the name Mr Cup, Fabien Barral presents his graphic design portfolio. I'm a bigger

Graphic-ExchanGE - a selection of graphic projects

Wake up agency contact me to design this CD for the Ravel Bolero recorded in Musiques en Sorbonne.

1 Trick Pony's awesome calendar design + 5 Tips for Evaluating Your Promo Piece

5 Tips for Evaluating Your Promo Piece

Alcoholidays Calendar 2014 : 1 Trick Pony celebrated their anniversary by creating Alcoholidays, an awesome calendar of their drunken nights.

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Brochures are used in a lot of different ways to promote businesses around the world. With anything from hair salons to mechanics making use of print brochures

MCA - A5 Brochure Design on Behance

MCA - A5 Brochure Design on Behance