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What?......That day.....No....That day must never happen. Oh my gosh, I don't know why but i'm seriously about to cry.

That day must never happen. Oh my gosh, I don't know why but i'm seriously about to cry.<<<<<<I'm too thug to cry so just kill me slowly

One direction

But damn them glasses Nialler😂😂👌🏼👌🏼🇨🇮🍀👍🏻😘😍❤😜

Sculpted By Gods;

I love this picture

One Direction and Spongebob

Funny one direction imagines

Haha did one of the 5SOS guys go in disguise?!? Lol jk

This is my favorite Harry concert moment

repin only if u get it and understand

WAT I WNAT TGSI *in Harry voice from AAOOD* "their tac-os it's mest flavored os in a tortilla bowl. They even make the milk taste like tacos!

That's true...hahahaa funny one direction

That's true.hahahaa funny one direction<< haha true though


Whassup with the guy inside the loo?

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// The dog he had was Boo the World's Cutest Dog. I love that dog. When I saw him with Harry I like fell over and died. I bet he will be the perfect father one day :)

my alltime favorite couple. they are gonna be married forever and make cute little babies

especially that adorable blonde to the farrrr right;

Yep,i feel very bad for liam

Yep,i feel very bad for liam

Dear santa, I would like one direction for christmas (Clothes optional) Sincerely, all directioners

thats how react to seeing their gorgeous selves EVERY TIME!

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In the terrible aftermath of hurricane Nialljustgothackedbyarandompersonfornogoodreason, I hope this makes you guys laugh! the fact thay mike tomlin the steelers coach is in this makes it thats much better.

this fandom......

paul higgins, paul higgouts :D ~ Haley

The best part of the whole video hahaha!!! I'm so in love with them and their…

The moment when James hit Zayn's high note :D

"This isn't normal. Not at all. I'm scared. What's going on? *Nervous laughter* What just happened?"

The storm is coming guys I can feel it so be prepared for the gates of hell to open soon.