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Site words parking lot... I am totally going to do this TONIGHT! Might even have one child call a word while the other parks and then switch :) CAN BE USED FOR MATH SCIENCE READING>>>ideas are endless

Taking Notes Without Copying: A K-3 Strategy

The possibilities are endless once you teach your students this tried and true strategy. Even the youngest students can be successful taking notes and writing about text. Learn how to carefully scaffold this note-taking process.

When I was a child, my father would take us to the library - a big black building - every fortnight to change our books and he would never let me borrow the same book twice. The book I loved was about cats being born on a boat. I loved that book but he was a fan of borrowing not owning books. My kids had heaps of books - they got to read their favourites over and over.

We would look for endless ways of soothing and supporting ourselves, in the same way you would anyone you love.

There's a grown man butting my shoulder at the coffee shop and it's freaking me out. I was just sitting there, minding my own business, and then there's a guy I've never seen before in my life rubbing his head against me. Just before I start to yell, he purrs, "Janie, my Janie. I came back because I love you and now I found you, my Janie."

Mr King, thats why I would like to read a book before watching movie because I feel like i been robed of my own image of the characters I create when u read their descriptions. So if I watch the movie first then read the book im going to see the character like actor the entire book (or series)

11 Smart Strategies for Joyful Successful Living

You can choose hope rather than despair. You can choose happiness rather than unhappiness. You have the power. - read: