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from faith by hearing

Book Review: The Raw Shark Texts

The air inside the tunnel smelled like the pages of a second-hand Charles Dickens novel; yellowy paper, old print and finger grease, that pressed, preserved sort of smell.

My Mom is a FOB. Cover is a picture of how someone's Asian mom eats popcorn to avoid getting grease on her fingers! If you like Margaret Cho, you'll appreciate the stories. If not, you'll either be confused or offended. If you're Asian, you'll find yourself remembering these exact things happening to you too!

Jal?” Someone shaking my shoulder. I reached to draw Edda in closer and found my fingers tangled in the unwholesome ginger thicket of Tuttugu’s beard, heavy with grease and salt. The whole sorry story crashed in on me and I let out a groan, deepened by the returning awareness of the swel

from One Girl Cookies Store

One Girl Cookies Cookbook

This book was written with love by Dawn & Dave themselves and includes 67 recipes and 50 color photos for everything from classics at the café to some family favorites to breakfast sweets. It will become the dog eared, grease stained book that every baker will reach for time and again. It is both a great baking resource and sweet story book. [click for purchasing]

from ThriftyFun

Natural Repellent For Wasps

Keeping wasps away from your outdoor activities can be a challenge. For those who are allergic to their sting, they can be life threatening. This is a guide about Homemade Wasp Repellent.

French Toast Fingers. 2 eggs 1/4 cup milk 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup strawberry preserves 8 slices day-old white bread confectioners' sugar. In a small bowl, beat eggs, milk and salt; set aside. Spread preserves on four slices of bread; top with the remaining bread. Trim crusts; cut each sandwich into three strips. Dip both sides in egg mixture. Cook on a lightly greased hot griddle for 2 minutes on each side or until golden brown. Dust with confectioners' sugar…

I've got one of these in the oven right now.....You can make this with or without the crust. This is really an OWL recipe due to the Almonds and Peanut Butter.Crust:1 cup almonds2 T. Flaxseed meal1 T. Butter2 packets SplendaProcess the almonds in food processor or blender until coarse.Add butter, splenda and flaxseed mealMix all until it is a course consistencyPress into greased springform pan (hint, if you wet fingers it is easier to press it down)Batter:2 - 8oz packages cream c

marshmallow cornflake wreaths - just like rice krispies treats but with cornflakes and green food coloring. shape them to look like wreaths and add twizzlers for the bow. Don't forget to grease your fingers while shaping or they'll stick like crazy!

Bacon Wrapped Smokies With Brown Sugar - Every time my wife makes these - they disappear really fast!! (click image for recipe)