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i've done it before when i was little, it'd be fun to do again

Bucket List - Completed: get ice cream from an ice cream truck

Before ι Dιe


Or the violin


I know how to play woodwind, brass, and percussion, but I haven't quite dabbled into the strings yet. I have a guitar and I really wanna learn how to play it, but my second choice for string instruments I wanna learn how to play would be the cello.

Number one thing on my bucket list....

Go to Greece. Study the architecture, art and general history of Greece-oh, and eat LOTS of yummy Greek food too of course.

Almost have this one done ... Need Alaska and South Dakota! Thanks to my parents and all our summer vacations growing up!

Visit all 50 States! I've visited a lot, but only drove through a few. I'd like to see at least one cool thing in each state!

First few years with my husband and Grandsons. It was so much fun when they were little.

This was a family tradition while growing up with my parents. Every year in December we would go out and pick our own tree at a tree farm and my dad would cut it down.

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Stay at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas! I've wanted to do this since the Mary Kate & Ashley movie "Holiday in the Sun" came out!