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spiderman-"heh..heh, well, looks like i am in the hulk house today? get it? dog house.. hulk house... no? nothing? hulk has no sense of humor, huh? well, that means you arn't going to take my webbing your face as a joke ether..."

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Teaser Ads

Just because they're superheros doen't mean they can't read comic books<< I have this game! I loooove it!

This draw remind me when I started learning fundamentals of drawing a few years ago with a Marvel artist in Brazil. Learning with him was my first experience drawing a character, and it inspires me to learn more about it.

This Dark And Gritty Avengers Artwork Will Make You Even More Psyched To See "Age Of Ultron"

Malaysian illustrator Daniel Kamarudin has made a habit of adding his own dark twist to popular sci fi and fantasy franchises, and his latest work might ... View Dark Twists on Avengers Characters We Want in the Next Movie" and more funny posts on Dorkly