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What a great idea to put a frame around a bird cage.  I have a small bed spring that I think I'll frame.  Really, the bed spring is maybe 14 by 18 inches. It was a Jayne's  Reliable find.

I love this idea for a display of flowers or objets d'art: a half birdcage mounted on the wall, surrounded by a vintage frame. Sort of a combination eclectic, bohemian, shabby cottage chic vibe. -I have a half bird cage and an empty frame.

I've been collecting mirrors from Goodwill and similiar shops and want to display them/decorate with them.  This isn't exactly what I'm thinking of, but their collection is different.

The Chic Technique: A pretty collection of mirrors and hand mirrors really looks nice on this wall. Do you have a collection of hand mirrors?

Check out this variety of gallery wall designs that help you organize your photos

Layout for my gallery wall, I started with a large round clock - perfect! My big clock is staying where it is and want to do a gallery wall around it!

Love the addition of a few empty frames along with the mirrors and a large wall clock

all- framed up.

framed mirror wall idea for my guest room.notice that not all are mirrors but empty frames.

potraits in the stairs

This completely solves the problem of hanging pictures on a straight plane! This completely solves the problem of hanging pictures on a straight plane!

Que graça tem guardar nossos momentos em um álbum escondido no fundo do armário? Por isso, mostramos algumas dicas legais para usar fotos na decoração!

Dicas de como usar fotos na decoração

I love that there are tons of pictures without having tons of nail holes or the pain of re-hanging if you ever want to add/change a photo. maybe do this on the picture wall instead

fashion gallery wall // mini frames // bedroom vanity

Wall Gallery Inspiration

{holy cow, my dream work space would have this wall} fashion gallery wall // mini frames // bedroom vanity