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    A cool, new way to make a tornado in a bottle!



    • Lessons4Now

      FREE Science Idea~ A recycled bottle, dish washing detergent, and water is all you need to make this Tornado in a Bottle!

    • Christenna Hutchins

      We used to make these all the time! FREE Science Idea~ A recycled bottle, dish washing detergent, and water is all you need to make this Tornado in a Bottle!

    • Melissa King

      Make your own Tornado in a bottle with this fun Science Experiment for Kids!

    • Bob

      my water bottle with 7day old water. this will probably be a problem

    • Allison Boyer

      Tornado in a Bottle--good take-home project idea for the unit

    • Essential Skills Advantage

      Tornado in a Bottle! #kids #science

    • Amanda FerReel

      Tornado in a bottle - tree shelves

    • Makayla Smith

      Kid science

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