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    A cool, new way to make a tornado in a bottle!

    • Sarah Knight

      FREE Science Idea~ A recycled bottle, dish washing detergent, and water is all you need to make this Tornado in a Bottle!

    • Colleen Jones

      Weather- Tornado in a Bottle - Science for the kids We discovered that the dish soap made the water too cloudy... we used straight tap water with glitter to accentuate the vortex. Awesome experiment for the kids!!

    • Wilkins Angel

      Tornado in a Bottle - Very simple science demonstration for little kids, showing them a vortex.

    • Take Charge America, Inc.

      Tornado in a Bottle -- Very easy science project that kids will want to do again and again.

    • Kelly Geiser

      Tornado in a Bottle Kids liked this one. We added a bit of watercolor paint to them :)

    • Alex Hunger

      Perfect for a science project for the Follow-up kids! We Made That: Tornado in a Bottle

    • Melissa King

      Make your own Tornado in a bottle with this fun Science Experiment for Kids!

    • Rebekah Sundvall

      Tornado in a Bottle - Science for the kids (Oklahoma)

    • Essential Skills Advantage

      Tornado in a Bottle! #kids #science

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    To make a tornado in a jar you will need: ~  A jar ~  water ~  a squirt of dish soap ~  one teaspoon of vinegar ~  food coloring and glitter are optional

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    I like the static bottle idea :) Going to make these for my Science/Exploration Center

    when I had my daycare we had the kids make one and they used as a calming tool at naptime! Awesome!

    Tornado Science Fair Project. I made this for my science fair project and won 1st place. Mine was made of wood and glass.

    Preschool Science: Tornado in a Jar Experiment #creativepreschoolers


    hundreds of cool science experiments.

    Weather: Fill the cup with water. Put shaving cream on top for a cloud. Explain that when clouds get really heavy with water, it rains. Then put blue food coloring on top of the cloud, and watch it rain.

    Weather Experiments 1. Create a Tornado 2. Create a Breeze 3. Measure Wind Speed 4. The Greenhouse Effect

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    Apples and Handwashing: We put a clean apple slice in one jar. We passed another apple slice around the class as we came in from recess with dirty hands. We have been observing the two jars in the science center. This is the difference after 8 days - gross! Great way to teach about germs and the IMPORTANCE of hand washing!

    Science Bottles.... great idea! check out website

    fun little pretties...i think i would super glue the lid on...i can just see a older kid (2 years) taking off the lid and making a oh so great and wonderful mess.