Are hovercrafts a thing of the future? Not according to this experiment!

Easy Science experiment for elementary students. Make Your Own Hovercraft!

Science for kids: How to Make a Hovercraft

Can it be done? Try and find out (and then learn the science behind it)!

Build a balloon rocket car and many other great science experiments at home this summer:

Spin a quarter in a balloon.....demonstrate centrifugal force

Make a wormery activity for Apologia Botany or Zoology. Learn about worms and composting. I'd like to have plants and/or little displays like this in my class. They're not just for science teachers!

The balloon hovercraft ready for launch...lots of science experiments to try with the kids

This balloon hovercraft is a cool project for science class or a rainy Saturday!

Force and Motion foldable for Interactive Notebooks! This TPT store is FULL of foldables for Interactive Notebooks for elementary science, including K-1!!!

H is for Hovercraft - part of the A to Z Science Series for Toddlers and Preschoolers at Inspiration Laboratories

Engineering Activities for Kids by funaday: 14 projects ranging from a snack pulley to a hexbug maze to a milk jug igloo for your budding engineers. #Kids #Science #Engineering

Hovercraft- and many more little experiments for learning about forces

Dancing Science Project - This is such a FUN, easy to make science experiment using a batter and wire that will amaze kids from Preschool-5th grade. SO COOL!

FORCES & MOVEMENT experiment - Race the cars several times, making sure to record which order the cars finish each time. Then find the average standings for each of the three tracks. After collecting the data, let students reflect on the effect of the tracks' textures on the outcomes of the races. Were their hypotheses correct? How did friction affect the cars' racing times?

Hands On Science: Phases of the Moon Activities for Kids -- fun ways to teach about the moon's changes

Use these easy math and science experiments to make learning fun for kids!

Earth Science Unit.....A great visual to explain plate tectonics and the formation of volcanoes and mountains. So many other engaging (and easy to replicate) Earth science activities on her site!

Max Axiom Science and Engineering Activities Series - Super Cool Forces and Motion Activities - EyeSeeMe African American Children's Bookstore

Easy science experiments for kids