My Pet Monster Plush Stuffed Animal 1980s toys dolls

Vintage Care Bear Funshine Plush Toy 1980's toy via Etsy

My Pet Monster 80s Toys

You know you are getting old when things that were popular in the 1980's is considered vintage.

Little Monsters 1980's Movie Poster #retro #fredsavage #1980's #kids

1980s toys

Rainbow Brite Twink White Sprite Plush Stuffed Toy Doll Animal from the 1980s.


Star Wars Ewok stuffed animals from a 1984 catalog. #1980s #toys

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Apricot Doll and Pet by NostalgiaMama, $7.00

Magic Nursery Pets were part of a larger series of toys (mainly doll and their accessories) and were produced by Mattel in the late 1980's to early 1990's.

1980s Toys

1980s toys

1980s tupperware toys - Google Search

1980 toys | 1980s Pocket Popple Toy Pancake by ManateesToyBox on Etsy

Barbie 1980s dress

My Pet Monster!! I still remember the cartoon! Might even have a recording of it still

More handheld electronic games from a 1980 catalog. #1980s #toys

Get Along Gang toys from a 1984 catalog. #1980s #toys

Dream Glow Barbie 1980s dolls toys

The best 1980s movies