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    • Voule Walker

      No kidding...we'll be living like the people in the movie wall-e in no time. So depressing. As I post this from my iPhone. At least I'm sitting in dunkin donuts alone...

    • Jazlyn M. Daughter of Hades

      wall-e. its happening ... I don't know whether to laugh or panic and go do 100 sit ups right now ...>> I wouldn't do sit ups if I was worried. I already do sit ups during gym.

    • Laren

      Oh it's been there for a while. Nobody's noticed... The flashing concession ads at the movie theater make me think of Wall E... try the red slushees, red's the new blue!

    • Annie Ollivander

      "Was Wall-E A Movie Or Prophecy" - oh I have always thought it was a prophecy, in terms of technological dependence.

    • Things we like!

      I don't know why I'm pinning this in my "Funny" stuff... this is not funny

    • Autumn Godwin-Hoffmeier

      wall-e. its happening. This is sad, but so true.

    • Sixta Giebelhart

      it begins giggles

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