great suggestions on rotating toys

Toy Rotation and Organization. Might need to implement this for E's toys.

Toy Organization!

Whomever coined the phrase 'Terrible Twos' obviously didn't have a 3-year-old. Amiright? But thanks to this list of 8 practical tips, the 'Trying Threes' just got easier. For me, anyway!

getting ready for kindergarten

Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Maybe a new tradition for every year??? A Day In My Life: Birthday Interview. I like that it's simple questions, like the handprint too. And this idea could be used for all ages - NOT just kindergarten!

A must read for any parent who has struggled with keeping their kids' stuff picked up: Why I took all my kids' toys away {and why I won't give them back}. I AM SERIOUSLY THINKING ABOUT DOING THIS.

24 Tips to Get Kids to Clean Up Their Toys - From Moms Who've Been There at B-Inspired Mama #parenting #kids

Melissa & Doug 'Grocery' Toy Shopping Cart | Nordstrom

Top 10 Pinterest Boards for Parents

toy art

Conquering the Afternoon Demons... afternoons with kids.

A toy tub for each day of the week to stop the kids from getting bored….very clever!

10 Awesome Ways to Make Cleaning Fun for Kids #parenting

A toy car wash keeps the kids busy every single time.

Use a swimming noodle, under a fitted sheet to keep a toddler from rolling off of the bed. -- genius idea.

Have you noticed the new crop of toys popping up that aim to foster girls' interest in building and engineering. As a mama of a 2 year old girl I think this is AWESOME.

Bobles, great toys for children