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how to do beach waves in less than 5 minutes: 1. divide your hair into two parts. 2. braid each section and tie. 3. twist a section. 4. run your straighter/flat iron over both of the twist a few times. 5. untie twists, and you’re done.

Finally something that works! Thanks to this new simple daily routine, I've been able to grow thicker and longer eyelashes! Ladies need to check this out!


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DIY how to get beach waves, so simple...just make sure you are using the "right" size iron!

2013 Hair Trends | Waterfall Braid #long #hairstyle #wavy #beachy #summer #paul #mitchell #pmtswichita. It's about more than golfing, boating, and beaches; it's about a lifestyle KW #hair

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Hair Inspiration For Your Next Workout From Hair Expert Johnny Lavoy

french braid & bun

5 Easy Ways to style Short Hair! #hair #haircare #LoveYourHair

Sailor's knot braid: four strand braid. 1) Divide hair into 4 sections and number them 1-4 from the left. 2) #1 over #2 , #3 over #4 . 3) #4 over #1 . 4) Re-assign the numbers so that the section on the leftmost (originally #2 ) becomes #1 . 5) Repeat from step 2.

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Eyebrow Shaping 101: Pluck the Perfect Eyebrows

Once they grow back I am definitely doing this! How to pluck your eyebrows in 4 easy steps - I had no idea correctly plucked eyebrows had such a big effect on your face shape and cheekbones! I love my new eyebrows - and this article got me there.