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16 reasons why kids suck

16 reasons why kids suck

That's rude cause everyone has been a kid. Kids aren't monsters, they just go through their phases. It bothers me how people think kids are "annoying" in reality they are just little bundles of joy who need love. kids are just kids!

roadside dinosaur

Ghost Town: Cave City, Kentucky

Mr T Rex by jonstich: Roar!

Cartoon Celebrity - Jurassic Park would be so much more entertaining if the dinosaurs had famous faces like the cartoon celebrity dinosaurs drawn by artist Jon Stich.


History Repeating Dinosaur Funny Poster For my future history classes?

[Dinosaurs are even more awesome than we thought. Over.]

Dinosaurs are even more awesome than we thought. Over.

TOY CONFIDENTIAL - Aled Lewis Toy Confidential: The Secret Life of Snarky Toys is a collection of 100 Toy Stories published by How Books. Original images of plastic toys interacting in unusual ways.

Zookeepers recreating the raptor squad.

Zookeepers are Recreating Chris Pratt’s Moves in JURASSIC WORLD

Dinosaur ..                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Forcing T-Rex to wear tiaras that their tiny arms could never remove *laughs forever*


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