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  • Allie Pittman

    coolfish - Google Search

  • A Daily Dose of Wackiness and Mayhem

    Such a cool fish tank but I bet a pain to clean.

  • Lindsey Slingerland

    this is amazing. like a hamster cage but for fish. the only thing i wonder is.. how do you clean it?

  • Terri Knox

    Beautiful fish tanks - must be a pain the th butt to clean, but I like these

  • Samantha Grace

    Tunnels aren't just for hamsters anymore. What an awesome aquarium!

  • Rose Jackson

    THE LABYRINTH AQUARIUM The aquarium includes silk plants, 3 lights, filters, air pumps and cleaning equipment. The lights are doughnut shaped and are placed underneath the black central hoods. They include programmable timer plugs which allow you to set when the lights turn on and off. The bowls themselves are made of lucite acrylic

  • Ashley Rodríguez

    Hamster ball fish aquarium.

  • Nicole May

    give the fish an adventure. This is awesome. But would be horrible to clean!

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