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Book Origami Ornament This beautiful origami ball is hand folded from 30 pages of an old book. Specifically, Geoffrey Chaucer's 'The Prologue & Three Tales' published in 1934 using pages 39-98 (this includes The Nun's Tale). This traditional Japanese kusudama (modular origami ball) consists of 30 individual pieces of paper

it feels like nineties or remembers primary school tasks...

Dodecahedron II: Half model by Richard Sweeney, via Flickr

Like eye candy like this modular origami? Like tutorials? You'll love Paperama! (Includes link to Washi Tape Dispenser Tutorial)

Modular origami << stellated octahedron, a stellated icosahedron , or a simple cube. (Poor photos, poor instructions)

need to find the name of this kusudama

Origami Modular Christmas Tree Folding Instructions | Origami Instructie