“ The stage at the Tony Duquette studio ballroom, decorated with panels of crushed abalone shell, crystal chandeliers, and a throne from the Chapultapec palace in Mexico.


Today I'm exploring the colorful world of Boho Chic interiors. (Boho for 'Bohemian:' a person who has unconventional social habits, esp.

Velvet chair and other furniture created by Tony Duquette. Also located in the Duquettes studio.

Here is the studio of famous interior decorator and artist Tony Duquette. Isn't all this rich color inviting?

Paris opera house, after staring at it in my mother's dining room for years, it is necessary for me to visit....

Grand Staircase Palais Garnier (Paris Opera House) the detail is amazing! Reminds me if phantom of the opera! (Um, yeah, that's because it's where the Phantom took place.

The staircase and balcony at the studio ballroom, designed by Duquette using eighteenth century Venetian architectural fragments.

No wonder he came up with his most incredible design concepts right here.