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I remember my first season as a cheerleader and how scared I was on my first Friday night football game.


This is for all the cheerleaders out there that have been listening to soccer and football players talk shit for years!

Amen! Wish people would realize that cheer is a sport! Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are more of a dance team than cheerleaders.

School cheer and college cheer team all you do is chants and one easy dance.I know I do school cheerleadind and all-star cheerleading.

Nothing beats cheering for the home team on a Friday night!

Soooooo excited for my firts year of football cheer. Too bad for volleyball. Im gonna miss it :( cheer is my life officially.

Every time haha

When you hear a song from your cheermix and you start dancing in the middle of nowhere! CHEER competitive cheerleader inspiration moved from Cheerleading: Competitive board

OMG! I tell this to my bases and my flyer!

Shoutout to Madi and Hannah the best bases a flyer could ask for!

By: Itsskyy27

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