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Glad you like it! It took a lot of working out to choose the rights events for inclusion. We hoped it would provide a welcoming feel to the library and would make it clear what kind of library you were in!

All libraries at City are open to ALL students. So if the mood took you to go and spend some time at Cass (our Business library), you could. If however non-law students (or indeed any law student) are not using the Innovation library with respect please let library staff know.

The main library at Northampton Square is open 24/7 and is just a few minutes away. There are no law books of course but for revising from your notes it's a good alternative.

Many apologies for this - the very noisy drilling in Gloucester Building was the result of a new lift being installed. We have been assured by the Property and Facilities team at City that this is the end of such disruptive work.

Ahhh always great to hear you think the team in Innovation are doing a good job. Thank you! Re opening hours, we're glad the extra weekend hour is helpful.

Hurrah! That's great to hear. A lot of thought went into ensuring the Innovation Library would provide an ideal studying space for law students. We're very pleased to hear you're happy:-)