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Embroidery sample for a man's suit, 1800-15. French. Met collection.

Kimono, Japan | V&A - This kimono was made and worn by a woman living in Tsugaru, a penisula in the very north of Honshû, the main island of Japan. It is woven with fine indigo-dyed ramie. The decorative panel on the upper part has been stitched in white with a diamond pattern, a technique known as kogin. If she was to make a good marriage it was essential that a Tsugaru woman master the skills of kogin, and training began at an early age. By her wedding day the bride was expected to have wove


A Rare Needlework Sampler by Sarah Doubt, Massachussetts, 1765

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Embroidered Hanging late 14th century Made in probably Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany Click for more images and entire tapestry.

Man's Jacket, Trousers and Headcloth Bagobo people, Mindanao jacket (detail), Philippines Abaca fiber, cotton, beads 19th/very early 20th C.

Limited art print af Ditte Sørensen: Frihåndsbroderi på symaskine, fototransfer, quiltet


Cécile Meraglia: C'était un vieux pull, il est passé à la lessive et au séchoir, il s'est feutré à merveille. Motifs de laine cardée travaillée à l'embellisher appliqués et brodés au point avant, quelques vieux boutons.

Annemieke Mein; Machine Embroidery

Antique Persian Textile. Silk and Silver Embroidery on Silk Velvet Safavi Dynasty 1501-1722 A.D Circa 1600 Size 27" x 22" Size 69 x 56cm

Elisabeth Kalvenes Skallsjö: " "Panteistisk chimär" - Sommarens textila salong i Landskrona

Judy's Journal: planned freedom

Lou Reed, 2014. Hand embroidery by Bascom Hogue.

Japanese modern art ..Sun rises.. Original Textile

matilija poppy by janelafazio, via Flickr

Kaaba door at Makkah, Saudi Arabia, covered with verses from the Qoran

Part of embroidered Aumonière,14th century. From the Benedictine Abbey of St. Mihiel. (C) RMN-Grand Palais (musée de Cluny - musée national du Moyen-Âge) / Jean-Gilles Berizzi.

Panel depicting Flagellation of Christ Date: 14th century Culture: German Medium: Cotton, wool

Judy's Journal: Baker Lake embroideries

Carl Larsson

Cornelia Parker: Magna Carta (An Embroidery) - The British Library

red thread poetry dress by ruthrae, via Flickr

Mended World, 2012, 240h x 240w x 1d cm, (94" x 94") Materials: re-cycled linen and cotton damask, new silk, light weight cotton, sewing and quilting thread, linen yarn, bamboo batting, backed with linen damask pieced with cotton dsigned by marimekko, Technique: hand piecing using foundation cloth, machine piecing, hand quilting, hand embroidery/quilting, made with community assistance. Photo: Klaus Rossler