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lumaga: “ This is the first time I seriously can’t resist illustrating a post ”

Starter Pokémon, Bulbasaur, Rowlet, Charmander, Litten, Squirtle, Popplio, sunglasses, cute; Pokémon

bulbasaur, rowlet, charmander, litten, squirtle y popplio

lol i had always thought about that spoon when i saw him!<<< Lol

A life without a spoon...

Bra is one of my favorite pokemon!

Gen 1 Reverse Starter Pokemon

Gen 1 Reverse Starter Pokemon The grass starters changed to fire actually look like they could be a thing

All about pokemon, games and cartoons

Pokemon evolution logic on retrogamingblog

The Unova Pokémon that resemble past gen Pokémon (i. Bouffalant) are kept in separate evolutionary families for good reason. The Unov.

What If Sableye Subspecies Were Based on Different Gems? - The Pyrite one freaks…

Type Swapped Pokemon. - Album on Imgur

Type Swapped Pokemon.

Retype Gen 7 by

starters swapped from @

Pokemon and digimon

Its pokemon b*tches!!

how to make pokemon vs how to make digimon

This is pretty cool

Hoenn starters with different power type

Not cool.

Pokemon Zodiac Sign I'm a Virgo

Type Swapped Pokemon. - Album on Imgur

Type Swapped Pokemon.

Type Swapped Pokemon. - Album on Imgur

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honestly I love whoever made t

Pokemon Crossbreeds: Shedinja (by fox-draws on tumblr)

Pokemon Crossbreeds: Shedinja (by fox-draws)

Type Swapped Pokemon. - Imgur

Type Swapped Pokemon. - Imgur