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These 15 Terrifying Things In North Carolina May Haunt Your Dreams

15. Kicking off this list with one of the most infamous, and mysterious NC legends, The Devil's Tramping Ground is a 40-foot diameter circle completely absent of life. Nothing will grow here. Leave something in the circle, and legend says it will be thrown out the next day. Apparently, the devil needs plenty of room to dance at night.

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These 15 Places in Ohio Will Absolutely Terrify You

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17 Creepy London Walks You Must Take

I am phenomenally in love with the paranormal - it's become part of who I am. The history that is present in so many ghost stories - its wonderful and tragic, and magical all at once. I love Ghost Walks, because I love learning about the quirky, little known, history of large urban areas. I want to find as many haunted places in London as I can - adventure awaits! lists the top 10 most #haunted cities in America. [ Blog]
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Top 10 Haunted Cities in America - Most Haunted Cities

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10 Abandoned Psych Wards Photographers Love Sneaking Into

The abandoned MT Psychiatric Center, NY. This relatively small psychiatric center is listed as one the most haunted places of the county and has been fenced off for over a decade. The building itself is about to collapse and parts of the floor are moving as you walk over it.

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23 Insanely Haunted Places That'll Scare The Shit Out Of You

432 Abercorn — Savannah, Georgia | 23 Insanely Haunted Places That'll Scare The Shit Out Of You