Awesome DIY Instagram Photo strip instructions that don't involve photoshop! 1. Save all your photos into a folder (have at least 16 pictures) 2. Hit Command-A to select all and click print. 3. In your printer settings, make sure it is in landscape mode. Print 16 per page with no border. 4. Print! You're done!

5 Fantastic DIY Ways To Take Your Cell Photos Off-Screen - 2. Photobooth style strips

Tutorial: Instagram Photo Strips

One of the most common questions I get is "How do I print pictures in the perfect size for my project?". There are so many programs you can use to customize your photo size, I wanted to share instructions that would be universal for all computer users. Here are the step by step instructions for printing your desired images in any size: For PC Users in Microsoft Office: 1. Open a new document in Microsoft Word. 2. On the menu bar, select Insert->Image->From File (a window will open and ...

DIY bracelets

DIY sock teddy

DIY: Instagram Photo Strip Template

GIft idea: Playing Card Crafts Ideas: 52 Things I Love About You | Easy Thoughtful DIY Mother's Day Gift by DIY Ready at

DIY: Print any photo as a Polaroid using normal photo processing service - free template

Make beautiful mini bow on a regular fork.

Last minute gift idea! This site turns your online pictures into polaroids or collages. takes them right from instagram, computer, facebook, etc...

Calendar made out of paint strips and a picture frame.

this blog has pretty "high-end looking" DIY

Mini Bows - easy to follow pictures...& they're really cute!

FINALLY!!! t-shirt quilt that actually has directions for DIY!--save and do for each kid!

How to print your smartphone photos for FREE! What an easy and thoughtful (and cheap!) gift idea! Great for printing the Christmas photos, too!

Instagram ornaments???

DIY Christmas gifts

How to Make a Light Box for Photos

WhiMSy love: DIY: Washcloth Travel Pouch

Did the exploding box for my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. It was surprisingly easy! I also put a gift card in the box. I may love it more than he does haha Here are the instructions, I changed the dimensions listed in the link to make the box bigger: