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    A History of Early Modern Southeast Asia, 1400-1830 is a new publication by Barbara Watson Andaya and Leonard Y. Andaya. James C. Scott said, "For once, the term magnus opus is truly appropriate for the Andayas' stunning achievement. An ambitious and sweeping history reflecting their vast learning, a sure grasp of both region-wide developments and local adaptations, and an eye for the telling detail."

    “Let's Speak Indonesia, Volume 1: Berbahasa Indonesia” by Dr. Rafferty, Dr. Barnard, and Ms. Suharni This text provides beginning and intermediate learners with an introduction to conversational Indonesian. Using a relaxed variety of standard Indonesian spoken among educated native speakers, it offers fifteen thematically-based chapters in two volumes. For more info: www.cseashawaii.o... #SeaBookshelfSpotlight #Indonesia #ModernLanguage

    "Colloquial Cambodian: The Complete Course for Beginners" by Dr. Sak-Humphries This new edition has been rewritten to make learning Khmer easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Specially written by experienced teachers for self-study or class use, the course offers a step-by-step approach to written and spoken Khmer. No prior knowledge of the language is required. For more info: www.cseashawaii.o... #SeaBookshelfSpotlight #Cambodia #ModernLanguage

    "Thai Language and Culture for Beginners" by Dr. Hoonchamlong This text aims to provide a basic foundation in conversational Standard Thai for beginning learners. Designed primarily for use in foreign language classes at U.S. universities, this course book uses a proficiency-based approach to learning Thai covering real-life topics and situations. For more info: www.cseashawaii.o... #SeaBookshelfSpotlight #Thailand #ModernLanguage

    This weeks Bookshelf Spotlight is for about Vietnamese Revolutions. For more information/examples: www.cseashawaii.o... #SeaBookshelfSpotlight #VietNam #Revolutions

    The author, Ma Ma Lay, writes authentic portrayals of modern Burmese society. The translator, Than Than Win, is well regarded and has worked on English translations of Burmese short stories and poems. This book is an easy and enjoyable read, and important to those interested in modern Southeast Asia. For more info: www.cseashawaii.o... #SeaBookshelfSpotlight #Myanmar #ModernLiterature

    This book traces Bangkok’s emergence as a central focus of an expanding regional network linking gay, lesbian and transgender communities in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines and other rapidly developing East and Southeast Asian societies. For more info: #SeaBookshelfSpotlight #Thailand #Urbanization

    This weeks Bookshelf Spotlight is for folktales from Laos. For more information/examples: www.cseashawaii.o... #SeaBookshelfSpotlight #Laos #Folktales

    "On resistance and the 'margins' of Southeast Asia" Under three flags: Anarchism and anti-colonial imagination by Benedict Anderson For more info: www.cseashawaii.o... #SeaBookshelfSpotlight

    "On resistance and the 'margins' of Southeast Asia" Mien relations: Mountain people and state control in Thailand by Hjorleifur Johsson For more info: www.cseashawaii.o... #SeaBookshelfSpotlight

    "On resistance and the 'margins' of Southeast Asia" Colonialism, violence and Muslims in Southeast Asia: The Maria Hertogh controversy and its aftermath by Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied For more info: www.cseashawaii.o... #SeaBookshelfSpotlight

    "On resistance and the 'margins' of Southeast Asia" Friction: An ethnography of global connection by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing For more info: www.cseashawaii.o... #SeaBookshelfSpotlight

    "On resistance and the 'margins' of Southeast Asia" Civilizing the Margins: Southeast Asian government policies for the development of minorities by Christopher R. Duncan For more info: www.cseashawaii.o... #SeaBookshelfSpotlight

    We have gathered a selection of memoirs, poetry books, and historical/mythological forms of storytelling on the Khmer Rouge this week. See more/info: www.cseashawaii.o...

    MaHaBote, the Little Key: A Manual For Burmese Astrology by Barbara Cameron. Published by American Federation of Astrologers, 1982.

    A vivid, insider’s account of one of the most inaccessible and mysterious countries in Asia: Myanmar.

    Entertaining, satirical book on the late colonial era written by Vũ Trọng Phụng.

    Night, Again: Contemporary Fiction from Vietnam by Linh Dinh. $10.35. Publisher: Seven Stories Press (July 1, 2003). 192 pages

    "BLOOD and SOAP" / Linh Dinh  「血液と石鹸」・リン ディン

    "The Americanization of Manila 1898-1921" by Cristina Evangelista Torres - This book makes use of the historical descriptive method to describe the origins and evolution of the Americanization process in Manila in the first two decades of American rule. It seeks to describe the transformation of the city in the light of the American colonial objectives. More info: www.cseashawaii.c...

    "Manila, My Manila" by Nick Joaquin - A history of the Philippines written by a Manileño (a Philippine National Artist for Literature) from the point of view of a Manila resident. This book gives great insight into the city and how it came to evolve into what it is today. More info: www.cseashawaii.c...

    "The Manila We Knew" edited by Erlinda Enriquez Panlilio - This little volume is a valuable contribution to the lore that accumulates about every great city in the world– part social history, part myth, and part love song. More info: www.cseashawaii.c...

    "Rubble and Redemption: Finding Life in the Slums of Manila" by Christian and Christine Schneider - “No Europeans live there!” exclaim the locals when the Schneider family moves to the slums of Manila. Yet garbage dumps and tin shacks are to be their home for many years. It’s here that they encounter chief witness Nick, doomed Jessabel, rapist Arol, billionaire Doña, guerilla Nardo … More info: www.cseashawaii.c...

    "Sundays in Manila" by Robert H. Boyer - “Bob Boyer offers affectionate-often intimate-portraits of Filipino life and culture, formed over many visits to a country that many, if not most, Americans know only in the broadest terms: as a staunch ally in the Pacific and its other wars, as the rack of Imelda’s shoes, and as the home of Manny Pacquiao. Bob sharpens that picture with factual detail...." More info: www.cseashawaii.c...

    "Natural Potency and Political Power: Forests and State Authority in Contemporary Laos" by Sarinda Singh - orests, as physical entities, have received considerable scholarly attention in political studies of Asia and beyond. Much less notice has been paid to the significance of forests as symbols that enable commentary on identity, aspirations, and authority. More info: www.cseashawaii.c...