Pan-fried Shrimp and Chive Dumplings, so yummy, just like dim sum restaurants.

Steamed Chinese dumplings often served at dim sum, filled with a mixture of shrimp and squid, these shumai are juicy, flavorful and delicious.

Chicken Shu Mai (Siu Mai) is a popular dim sum item. Learn how to make chicken shu mai with this quick and amazing recipe that is better than Chinatown!! |

Potstickers Recipe (Chinese Dumplings). They are easier to make than you think. Ready-made wrapped, ground meat, and some oil for pan-frying. That's all!

Shrimp wontons – easy peasy shrimp wontons recipe with fresh shrimp, wrapped with wonton skin and boil/steam and serve with ginger vinegar sauce |

These shrimp and chive dumplings perked me up as soon as I had the first bite, and yes, those shrimps did “crunch” and “bounce” in my mouth and as delicious as the ones served at dim sum restaurants.

Shrimp and Spinach Dumplings (Dim Sum)

Shrimp Dumplings - Homemade dumplings are easier to make than you think, and you can completely customize your fillings!

Chinese dumpling recipe

Honey Sriracha Shrimp Kebab – crazy delicious shrimp kebab with honey Sriracha butter. Thread shrimp on skewers and grill, so easy!! |

Perfect Potstickers from Scratch! {Dumpling Dough} | Giramuk's Kitchen

Shrimp Wrapped in Tofu Skin Love posting these, it is as close to making them as I will get!

Gyoza Recipe. Japanese potstickers. #dumplings #recipe

Vietnamese Shrimp Noodle Salad - lovely bright, zesty flavours, incredibly healthy, fast to make and an awesome dressing.

Shrimp Wonton Soup - - Since this is a shrimp wonton soup I like to simmer the broth along with the shrimp shells for a few minutes to get even more shrimp flavour into the soup and throwing in some lemongrass and ginger really brighten things up. The broth is finished with touch of fish sauce.

Chinese dim sum dumplings

Shrimp Etouffee | Grandbaby Cakes #mardigras

Make your favorite Thai take-out at home with this Thai Coconut Soup. A crazy delicious coconut broth with shrimp, mushrooms and rice - it's comfort food at its finest! {Mystery Basket Challenge}

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