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The Analog Girl (aka Mei Wong) is a Singaporean musician, who sounds like a wispy Shirley Manson flying through space with a Tenori-on. Despite her overseas success, Wong is most proud of Singapore’s local music scene. “We have several local music compilations from the 1990s to the 2000s to be proud of from +65 Indie Underground. -CNN Travel More #TheAnalogGirl #Singapore #SEASongoftheWeek info/listen:

Ego Lemos is known as the ‘Bob Dylan of East Timor’ for his folk songs about the struggles of his young country, and the environmental and social revitalization he has helped guide. He is an increasingly well-known musician who represents his people to the world through evocative, simple folk songs that he writes and sings in his native Tetum language. #EgoLemos #TimorLeste #SEASongoftheWeek More info/listen:

Bảo Thy (born in June 2, 1988) is a Vietnamese Pop singer who sings and releases music through the internet. In 2006, she took part in the “Thập Đại Mỹ Nhân (Top ten beatiful girls)” competition of gameonline and placed in the Top 10. #BaoThy #VietNam #SEASongoftheWeek More info/listen:

Yuzana (Burmese: ယုဇန, pronounced: [jṵzəna̰]; born Yuzana Myint Ngwe) is a female Burmese pop singer. Her parents are songwriter Myint Ngwe (Hinthada) and singer Tin Tin Aye. Yuzana first entered the music industry with the band 102.7. In February 2008, she married an Australian national, Thein Htaik Aung. Her brother Phyo Gyi is also a Burmese singer. #Yuzana #Myanmar #SEASongoftheWeek More info/listen:


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Nat Leong @lipstickchapsticks Instagram photos | Websta | Before the show. // IN EACH HAND A CUTLASS // Late Night At Esplanade, 2130hrs. Tonight's performance was epic. Have been a major fan since their first album and finally got to see them perform live tonight! Stuck to my seat till the end, even tho I needed to pee real bad. *contorted facial expressions* But to miss the encore of 'Glaciers'? That would ultimately ruin the entire night, MY entire night. Their sophomore album 'The…

Harem Belle is a Thai band playing Alternative Pop Rock. Listen to “From the word “Love” and check out other music by this quirky, unconventional, up and coming band from Thailand. #HaremBelle #Thailand #SongoftheWeek More info/listen:

weish and din treat .gif as a space of freedom, respite, and honesty. They strive to make electronic music that combines lush soundscapes with lyrics that are intensely personal and hopefully, meaningful. Major influences include electronic acts such as Frou Frou, The Analog Girl, Boards of Canada, and Thievery Corporation. They also derive much inspiration from bands such as Alt-J and The xx, as well as many seminal Singaporean bands, such as Plainsunset and Serenaide.


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Nat Leong @lipstickchapsticks 「Awaken the kraken」Listen to their latest album 'The Kraken' at! #iehac #ineachhandacutlass #music #rock #progressiverock #indie #singapore #SG50 #thekraken #esplanade ...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

Aspidistrafly is a Singaporean music duo of April Lee and Ricks Ang. Their music is described as: ambient folk with guitar-based drone, subtle electronics, and various sound assemblages. #Aspidistrafly #Singapore #SongoftheWeek For more info/listen: Photo credit:


Sleepwalk Circus

“Sleepwalk Circus is an effects and often crescendo centric band with the name deriving from a played-with metaphor and definition that “living is best done with one’s eyes closed.” Their #music is occasionally called a “Frankenstein of musical genres that surprisingly works.” #SleepwalkCircus #Philippines #SEASongoftheWeek Learn more about or listen to this group:

Pandai Besi is an eight-member Indonesian indie band. The band was formed to remake songs from Efek Rumah Kaca (ERK). Using crowd funding in 2013, the band released the reworked music. #PandaiBesi #Indonesia #SongoftheWeek For more info/listen: Photo credit:

Singapore Movies - "Ignore All Detour Signs" featuring I am David Sparkle. A movie on the local music scene in Singapore and the struggles faced by this rock band

Mor Lam is a traditional form of music from Laos that is also popular in Isan Thailand. This has singing that is pitch based and sounds flexible. #MorLam #Laos #SongoftheWeek More info/listen: Photo credit:

The Center is happy to introduce Myo Gyi, a solo musical performer from Myanmar and one of the members of the famous band "Iron Cross." The heavy metal, hard rocker, and occasional soft rock singer is well known for his music hits: “Set Shout,” “Lay Pyay,” “Take it (Yu Like),” and “Ta Sain Ta Yout.” #MyoGyi #Myanmar #SongoftheWeek For more info/listen: Photo credit:

NOAH is an Indonesian alternative rock and pop rock band consisting of five members. #NOAH #Indonesia #SEASongoftheWeek info/listen:

Colorfully named group "Force Vomit" started in late 1993 when four night-shift taxi drivers decided to take musical matters into their own hands and start their own band. #ForceVomit #Singapore #SEASongoftheWeek