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This weeks Bookshelf Spotlight is for folktales from Laos. For more information/examples: #SeaBookshelfSpotlight #Laos #Folktales

"Restless Souls" by Phil Thornton -Betrayed by the British, the Karen of Burma have been locked in a titanic, sixty-year struggle for survival against the Burmese military regime, their story ignored by the rest of the world. More info:

This is the incredible story of Bao Luong, Vietnam’s first female political prisoner. In 1927, when she was just 18, Bao Luong left her village home to join Ho Chi Minh’s Revolutionary Youth League and fight both for national independence and for women’s equality. A year later, she became embroiled in the Barbier Street murder, a crime in which unruly passion was mixed with revolutionary ardor.

"Colloquial Cambodian: The Complete Course for Beginners" by Dr. Sak-Humphries This new edition has been rewritten to make learning Khmer easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Specially written by experienced teachers for self-study or class use, the course offers a step-by-step approach to written and spoken Khmer. No prior knowledge of the language is required. For more info: #SeaBookshelfSpotlight #Cambodia #ModernLanguage

What do we really know about Burma and its history? And what can Burma’s past tell us about its present and even its future? For nearly two decades Western governments and a growing activist community have been frustrated in their attempts to bring about a freer and more democratic Burma—through sanctions and tourist boycotts—only to see an apparent slide toward even harsher dictatorship. More info:

Thant Myint-U’s Where China Meets India is a vivid, searching, timely book about the remote region that is suddenly a geopolitical center of the world. From their very beginnings, China and India have been walled off from each other: by the towering summits of the Himalayas, by a vast and impenetrable jungle, by hostile tribes and remote inland kingdoms stretching a thousand miles.... More info:

This book traces Bangkok’s emergence as a central focus of an expanding regional network linking gay, lesbian and transgender communities in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines and other rapidly developing East and Southeast Asian societies. For more info: #SeaBookshelfSpotlight #Thailand #Urbanization

"Pirates in Paradise: A Modern History of Southeast Asia’s Maritime Marauders" by Stefan Eklof - Southeast Asia contains some of the world’s busiest shipping waters, particularly the Indonesian archipelago, the Straits of Malacca and South China Sea. The natural geography and human ecology of maritime Southeast Asia makes the area particularly apt for piracy. More info:

"The Manila We Knew" edited by Erlinda Enriquez Panlilio - This little volume is a valuable contribution to the lore that accumulates about every great city in the world– part social history, part myth, and part love song. More info:

Ghost stories are commonplace in traditional Filipino culture, with virtually every family having their own personal accounts of encounters with the supernatural. Passed on from generation to generation, these tales act as a bridge to the past, to a time lost or nearly forgotten. More info: