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This book traces Bangkok’s emergence as a central focus of an expanding regional network linking gay, lesbian and transgender communities in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines and other rapidly developing East and Southeast Asian societies. For more info: #SeaBookshelfSpotlight #Thailand #Urbanization

"On resistance and the 'margins' of Southeast Asia" Civilizing the Margins: Southeast Asian government policies for the development of minorities by Christopher R. Duncan For more info: #SeaBookshelfSpotlight

"On resistance and the 'margins' of Southeast Asia" Friction: An ethnography of global connection by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing For more info: #SeaBookshelfSpotlight

"On resistance and the 'margins' of Southeast Asia" Under three flags: Anarchism and anti-colonial imagination by Benedict Anderson For more info: #SeaBookshelfSpotlight

"On resistance and the 'margins' of Southeast Asia" Mien relations: Mountain people and state control in Thailand by Hjorleifur Johsson For more info: #SeaBookshelfSpotlight

"On resistance and the 'margins' of Southeast Asia" Colonialism, violence and Muslims in Southeast Asia: The Maria Hertogh controversy and its aftermath by Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied For more info: #SeaBookshelfSpotlight

"A History of Early Southeast Asia: Maritime Trade and Societal Development, 100-1500" by Kenneth R. Hall - This comprehensive history provides a fresh interpretation of Southeast Asia from 100 to 1500, when major social and economic developments foundational to modern societies took place on the mainland (Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam) and the island world (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines). More info…

"Pirates in Paradise: A Modern History of Southeast Asia’s Maritime Marauders" by Stefan Eklof - Southeast Asia contains some of the world’s busiest shipping waters, particularly the Indonesian archipelago, the Straits of Malacca and South China Sea. The natural geography and human ecology of maritime Southeast Asia makes the area particularly apt for piracy. More info:

"From Japan to Arabia: Ayutthaya’s Maritime Relations with Asia" edited by Kennon Breazeale - “This truly impressive volume has stood the test of time and relevance as scholars and others alike continue to discuss the transnational maritime connections across Asia." More info:

"A Siamese Embassy Lost in Africa 1686" by Michael Smithies - This long-forgotten tale of the shipwreck off the coast of Africa of a Siamese embassy to Lisbon in 1686 lay buried in the text of a French book printed 300 years ago. The author of the text was the intrepid and intriguing Jesuit Tachard, who published accounts of his first two journeys to Siam. More info:

"Tribute to Brunei and Other Poems" by John Onu Odihi - In this new collection of poetry the verses represent the synoptic capture of particular environments and incidents, as well as author John Onu Odihi’s reflection of them. More info: