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Mor Lam is a traditional form of music from Laos that is also popular in Isan Thailand. This has singing that is pitch based and sounds flexible. #MorLam #Laos #SongoftheWeek More info/listen: http://www.cseashawaii.org/2014/03/mor-lam/ Photo credit: http://kinkgong.bandcamp.com/track/01-ta-oi-in-laos-1

Grilled fish. Laos

Lao foods

More Lao food

Lao food

A traditional Lao minced meat and herb salad that is perfect with chicken, beef, tofu or even veggies. Bursting with flavors from various herbs and spices. A must make.

NAEM KHAO TOD (lao crispy rice salad aka lao fried rice ball salad) ~~~ this recipe is shared with us from the restaurant, "spoon thai restaurant" in chicago which is known to be a haven for hardcore food lovers. [Laos] [ Khun Wanna] [shesimmers]

Lao food. rice steamed in bamboo, then grilled So good a fave snack of my girls

Sponge Cola is a four-member Filipino band. Their first album was produced in 2003 with two songs, "Lunes" and "Jeepney," quickly recognized as hits with local audiences. #SpongeCola #Philipines #SongoftheWeek For more info/listen: http://www.cseashawaii.org/2014/05/sponge-cola/ Photo credit: itunes.apple.com/us/album/araw-oras-tagpuan/id479874303

Lao style papaya salad. spicy goodness!

Lots of recipes on this page: How to make tum mark hoong – Lao spicy green papaya salad recipe #6

Som moo (Lao style)

The Center's newest featured song of the week is the band Empat Lima. Drawing on diverse influences, they have a new album Nightrider. #EmpatLima #Indonesia #SongoftheWeek. For more info/listen: http://www.cseashawaii.org/2014/08/empat-lima/ Photo credit: gigsplay.com

The Center’s featured song of the week is by the Vietnamese singer Uyên. In 2008, she auditioned for the 2nd season of Vietnam Idol and the third series of Sao Mai – Điểm hẹn prior to re-auditioning for Vietnam Idol (season 3), but failed to make it through. #UyênLinh #VietNam #SongoftheWeek. For more info/listen: www.cseashawaii.org/2014/11/uyen-linh/ Photo credit: Wikipedia

Mohamad Aliff Bin Aziz, known by his shortened name Aliff Aziz, is a Singapore-born, pop, pop rock, R&B and soul singer, currently based in Malaysia. He has had several hits including: “Cinta” and “Kalau Cinta” off of his second album, It’s Allif’s Time. #AliffAziz #SingaporeMalaysia #SongoftheWeek For more info/listen: www.cseashawaii.org/2014/03/aliff-aziz/ Photo credit: http://www.ohbulan.com/

The Center’s featured song of the week is by the Cambodian singer Pan Ron. She was at her most popular in the 60s and 70s with a diverse mix of genres. #PanRon #Cambodia #SongoftheWeek. For more info/listen: http://www.cseashawaii.org/2014/12/pan-ron/ Photo credit: http://khmerization.blogspot.com/2013/09/golden-era-of-cambodian-music-given-its.html

Pandai Besi is an eight-member Indonesian indie band. The band was formed to remake songs from Efek Rumah Kaca (ERK). Using crowd funding in 2013, the band released the reworked music. #PandaiBesi #Indonesia #SongoftheWeek For more info/listen: http://www.cseashawaii.org/2014/04/pandai-besi/ Photo credit: efekrumahkaca.net

Aspidistrafly is a Singaporean music duo of April Lee and Ricks Ang. Their music is described as: ambient folk with guitar-based drone, subtle electronics, and various sound assemblages. #Aspidistrafly #Singapore #SongoftheWeek For more info/listen: www.cseashawaii.org/2014/04/aspidistrafly/ Photo credit: hanoise.com/tag/aspidistrafly/

Phạm Quỳnh Anh is a Vietnamese pop singer. In 2006 she embarked on her solo singing career with her single "Không Đau Vì Quá Đau," which became her first big hit. #PhamQuynhAnh #VietNam #SongoftheWeek For more info/listen: http://www.cseashawaii.org/2014/04/pham-quynh-anh/ Photo credit: xalo.vn/news/tl/Khoanh-khac-dep-rang-ngoi-cua-me-tre-Pham-Quynh-Anh/0-0-1-20-928805.htm

Bảo Thy (born in June 2, 1988) is a Vietnamese Pop singer who sings and releases music through the internet. In 2006, she took part in the “Thập Đại Mỹ Nhân (Top ten beatiful girls)” competition of gameonline and placed in the Top 10. #BaoThy #VietNam #SEASongoftheWeek More info/listen: http://www.cseashawaii.org/2013/11/bao-thy/