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Coca-Cola has has started a trial-campaign to re-task their old plastic bottles in Viet Nam. Some are more clever and functional than others. Take a look at an article about it and the YouTube video here: #CocaCola #VietNam #Recycling

from Cherries - A Vietnam War Novel

Who was the youngest U.S. soldier killed in the Vietnam War

How many of you knew that the youngest American Soldier to be killed during the Vietnam War was only 15 yrs. old? The minimum age for enlistment was 17 years-old with parental consent. Pfc. Dan Bu…

These are the types of boats used during the Viet Nam War to smuggle ammunition and guns up and down the Mekong Delta. The boats would be built with a false bottom, the arms would be stowed, then a floor would be put in place and fruits and vegetables on top. The murkiness of the water hid the fact that the boats were deeper and contained the extra cargo.- HHC

from Inhabitat

Hang Nga "Crazy House" is a creepy fairy tale treehouse in Vietnam

They say that too bad for the Vets. Some even say that kneeling is my form of protest. The truth is that the world is not reality TV and these folks, they sacrifice their time & innocence so those slackers can live their free-loading life.