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  • Miss Eaglesfield

    It seems like soft drink giant Coca-Cola is finding new and creative ways to reinvent and repurpose its bottles. For its ‘2ndLives’ campaign in Vietnam, the brand launched a line of 16 innovative bottle caps that turns empty bottles into a totally new, and useful object. Each bottle cap is designed differently, giving the bottle a different function once screwed on. Some examples include a paintbrush, water spray, pencil sharpener, lamp and squeeze bottle.

  • Luis Marroquin

    This year, to encourage the reuse of their plastic bottles in Vietnam, Coca-Cola launched their ‘2nd Lives’campaign, a project that features 16 distinct bottle caps designed to get people of all ages to hang on to empty coke bottles by giving them a new purpose. From a pencil sharpener to a variety of nozzles for […]

  • Manify

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