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Brunei | Brunei Polymer $1 --111111

Evolution of the $100 bill.

inhabitants are much kinder because the effect of having too much money has not affected them yet. Proved to the reader when Gatsby gave up his life for Daisy. On the other hand, the East Egg represnts the people there also because Daisy and Tom did not stay in New York and left without attending Gatsby's funeral. The amount of money they have actually did go to their heads, made clear when they did not care about Gatsby. Money represents the novel because that is what everything revolves around

100 Pesetas - España- Este me encantaba

"The US used to have much cooler currency." Can we just talk about how History, Science and Electricity were represented by women. Oh, and Martha sitting alongside George? Now it's just lonely ole Susan B. And a bunch of dead, white dudes.

Old Currency - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country at a Time.

Central Bank of China currency, 1930. Even though this design is only a duotone, it has beautiful hand done numbers and designs.