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All shall fear the knights in cardboard armor! http://www.letu.edu/

Cardboard swords and shields.

Hugo and Noah are real knights with these cardboard shields.


Mike the Knight's shield coloring page, #miketheknightparty

Jointed knight craft

Cork Knights

Helmets of Salvation (215-713) from Guildcraft Arts & Crafts! Kids will keep their minds and eyes focused on God when they wear the Helmet of Salvation. An essential part of God's armor, it guarantees that nothing can separate them from the love of Christ! Includes preprinted and precolored cardboard helmet pieces and fasteners. Adjustable once assembled.

neat sword craft for a pirate or knight costume

Can boats be built out of just cardboard and duct tape? Yes they can! Dorm floors pit their own cardboard boats against each other at LeTourneau University's annual cardboard boat race. http://www.letu.edu/

Last year's cardboard boat race happened to fall on the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's sinking. Watch our students' creative reenactment! http://www.letu.edu #letourneau #letourneauuniversity

LeTourneau University students dress up and give candy to local kids on Halloween for Trick or Treat on College Street. http://www.letu.edu/

Hill+tarp+water= awesome way to cool off in the Texas heat! http://www.letu.edu/

Every year, LeTourneau University students launch watermelons with trebuchets and catapults they built themselves in the cata-melon event. www.letu.edu/

LeTourneau University students compete to see who can creatively fit the most people into a small car at one time at the annual car cram. http://www.letu.edu/

Fixing a radio telescope on the roof of Glaske. http://www.letu.edu/

Intramural sports are big at LeTourneau University, especially Ultimate Frisbee! http://www.letu.edu/

Each year LeTourneau University students sample food from other students' home countries at Our World Cafe. Free food + a cross-cultural experience = awesome. http://www.letu.edu/

LeTourneau students perform in their floor costumes at the Air Band competition during Fall Fest week 2013. www.letu.edu/