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dirty-halfchaps: equitation-hunter: his colour. his markings. omg. He looks like a breyer model come to life. Fucking perfect <’3 ^^ I SEE THE BREYER MODEL OH MY LAWD

When this research facility has become a reality part of the program will be to bring residents into contact with horses and dogs learning how to care for them as well as learning how to ride the horses or work them in the fields -- very therapeutic.

horse bath :) the only bath where you actually end up more dirty then when you started.

love this! I hope and pray my kids love the outdoors and horses as much as I do!!

Horses are a great way to keep kids (and quasi-adults) out of trouble (I mean who has TIME for any other sort of trouble when you have horse shenanigans?)

Let's go for a walk horsey. I have a pic almost exactly like this of my old mare, Cali and a friends dog, Owen. So cute!

I love this picture so much. It shows just how truly beautiful horses are, and how built and powerful they are, but are still so gentle.

Oh, hello, soft, precious muzzle. Nothing better than kissing that sweet spot. also for @Tina Duryea

They're the most forgiving creatures god ever made...Quote by Nicholas Evans, Author of ''The Horse Whisperer''

Not country decor...but it made me smile. (took me back in time, and I had to repin it somewhere :)