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This may become my new favourite poem

My head cannon totally involves Sammy getting pissed at how clueless and/or stubborn they are and just making them talk about it (valentines sweets favorite things)

A Father and his Soldier by DontSpeakSilent on DeviantArt

John Winchester and Dean Winchester. A father and his broken toy soldier, because John raised Dean as the perfect little soldier and that Dean is broken. A Father and his Soldier

Must be Champ in Lake Champlain since Dean doesn't fly.

Sammy is trying to catch it with a net lol. (In Like a Virgin, Bobby Singer did say that the Loch Ness Monster is real, i think they should have an episode with Nessie or one where they mention it being real again)

Supernatural (The CW): Through The Years

by Lagertha♡ about Supernatural

Supernatural 11 Seasons by KamiDiox / I've waited ages to find this !

I'd love to see Charlie McDonnell play a character on Doctor Who....

Charlie McDonnell: possibly the cutest, sweet, light-hearted, geeky British Guy in the world. Better yet, he loves Doctor Who