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Oh My Goodness....this is so true. For years I was quiet when I had many thoughts and opinions of my own. Voiced some recently and found out who can dish it out but CANNOT take it! Very revealing!

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This seems funny at first, but think about it. If someone you are offended when you hear someone tell you facts about yourself or your actions, that's a pretty good indicator that you shouldn't have been saying or doing those things. It only sounds bad because it IS bad, right?

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This is absolute perfection...

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sorry... but this is pretty funny.

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Fits us perfectly! @Taylor Johnson @Morgan Lipscomb


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Hahaha... I love this one! I Will not keep calm and you can fuck off #quote #funny #keepcalm

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One of the best sayings ever!!!! ✨ so damn true and a good way to knock somebody down a couple of feet... more like a mile... lol

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Too funny :)

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funny dumb people

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So true!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hahahaha. So true.




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haha love this.... so true!

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Isn't this the truth?!

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Wow so true

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