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  • Katie Starkweather

    Bandhas for Beginners: Intro to Yoga's Interior Locks :: I have concluded that the bandhas remain a mystery for a long time

  • Lizzi-Was-Here!

    Bandhas for Beginners: Intro to Yoga's Interior Locks-Mula, Uddiyanna, Jalandhara, Maha: Lock Up & Take Off! By Lauren Imparato

  • dicle dilan

    Follow me for more inspiring yoga images!

  • Katherine Hart

    helpful advanced #yoga tutorial on anatomical interior locks - how to isometrically contract your deep internal muscles, harness their strength by engaging the bandhas, lock up & take off!

  • Laura Rheaume

    website inspiration. business inspiration. studio inspiration.


    Yoga Remedy for PMS and Cramps! #Yoga #Workout #Fit #NCCPT

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"Appreciate your body as your faithful servant. Your brain is at your command. Your lungs have drawn air for you since the day you were born; your bones give you support. Your skin has served as a wise layer of protection. Appreciate your body's natural intelligence as it aligns with the rhythms of nature, monitoring the movement of the moon, the planets, the stars, and the earth." - Sarah McLean

Slowing down to get strong...Great words! I only don't get- "it's about being healthy without pushing yourself to your limits" huh?

You must ask for what you really want. Don't go back to sleep. ~Rumi.

Beach Inversions by Sweet Carolina Photography, via Flickr

Ladies, this practice is helping me so very much. Im going through a lot of craziness in my life, and I can honestly say "YOGA IS calming me and teaching me self comfort" Caroline Drake Tips for a Successful Home Yoga Practice

"When the will is ready the feet are light." This is my intention as I practice today. Enjoyed and repinned by yogapad

Our prime purpose in life is to help others, and if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them. - The Dalai Lama

Mood-Boosting Yoga and Breathing Postures

outer green leaves, (instead of bread) and filling it with grated carrots, avocado, spinach and a simple creamy dressing made with olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, tahini and sea salt.  For snacks, dip celery sticks or cucumber in organic hummus and fresh pesto. For dinner eat lightly, enjoying