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Funny Pictures ? 41 Pics.Which is why I am not here so much, anymore. Doing what I have pinned.

I know nothing about quilting, but I really like this design. Fair enough?

Wise words...I say as I pin this to my board...LOL

I love Pinterest, but I DO need to spend more time making things--especially between now and the holidays!

@Brooke Springsted but only 3 times then it's time to be done lol <---says my friend! (and she's right - after 3 mistakes, there is no such thing as "calm" anymore! That how I quilt :-).)

I was sewing when sewing wasn't cool.

this is the worst thing ever considering my machine screws up whenever I change the bobbin and it takes about 10 minutes to get it situated and ugh then it won't work and it will get stuck and there will be a gigantic knot but by then I don't care anymore

So true! I have been looking for a new place to live and nowhere seems to be big enough for the sewing stash, yarn stash, well you get the picture. at least not in my budget. lol

My friends and I totally understand this.