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Smart Idea! Time out bottles! Water, glue and glitter..mix and add until it takes 5 minutes to settle. Watching it settle relaxes them, and you don't have to set a timer.

Relax Bottle/Time Out Timer: Glitter bottles for kids to hold during time out. Once all the glitter settles the child can get out of time out. It takes about 5 minutes for all the glitter to fall to the bottom. Helps kids calm down during time out.

Glowing Sensory Bottle for Bedtime It can be hard for kids to decompress or calm-down for bedtime. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Glowing Sensory Bottle for Bedtime

help kids sleep with a glowing bed time calming bottle Durable plastic bottle Hair Gel – nearly full bottle. Glitter Glue – a squirt. Glow in the dark paint – a squirt. Super Glue Glow-in-the-dark mini stars.

Pirate Fairy Magic Kid Bottles!

Magic Bottles

Pirate Fairy Craft Create some fairy magic with DIY Magic Bottles.

Calming bottles - these sensory bottles are great for little ones to explore and for preschoolers to use during a cooling off period.

Calming Bottles

Calming bottles - these sensory bottles are great for little ones to explore and for preschoolers to use during a cooling off period. (Time out until the glitter settles - as well as the kid)

Homemade Lava Lamp #toys for-the-kids

Indoor Activities for Kids: Homemade Lava Lamps. Vegetable oil, a about of the water bottle, then water. 10 drops of food coloring. Then take a alkaseltzer tab and break it into 4 pieces. Drop one in at a time and wait for each to dissove!

These magical light jars are so easy to make!  You just add little dots of Tulip Glow Dimensional Paint! Make a whole set for your mantle or entryway for an awesome party decoration too!

Tulip 3D Fashion Paint 1-1/4 Ounces 6/Pkg-Glow

Make your own glow in the dark jars using Tulip dimensional paint aka puffy paint. Some folks call these fairy jars too! Whichever way, they look amazing under blacklight and are perfect fro your spooky Halloween festivities and decor.

Sensory bag- baby oil and food coloring

Play Create Explore: Baby Oil Sensory Bags = baby oil, food colouring, a little bit of water, glitter, objects to find (smooth). Put in ziplock bag and duct tape for leaks and little fingers who would like to open it.

GLOWING water beads - These are so cool!  Incredible sensory play for in the dark.

To make the beads glow first I had to make GLOW WATER. I first saw GLOW WATER on PAHM. I bought a pack of yellow highlighters from Dollar Tree. I broke one open (use caution while breaking it, because little bits of plastic can go flying.

What an awesome idea! I'm def. doing these :)

10 Awesome Fort Ideas To Build With Your Kids

Who doesn’t love Forts? Get creative with the kids with these 10 awesome fort ideas from Life as Mama!

All the recipes for make your own...Play doh, bath paint, colored pasta, big bubbles, sidewalk chalk,finger paints,colored rice, glues, spray paints, pavement paint and more.

"All the recipes for make your own: Play doh bath paint colored pasta big bubbles sidewalk chalk finger paints colored rice glues spray paints pavement paint & more.