Baby Chest Tattoo


TO FREAKING ADORABLE!!! 30 Beautiful Photos Of Tattooed Parents Who Love Their Kids More Than Anything

Beautiful family photo

beautiful moment

daddy and baby



rose tattoo on the neck and heart chest piece.

Chest Tattoos For Women. In a weird way I kind of like this but it needs a different look more detail maybe this just looks a little childish

Wing Tattoo, plus aww!

:) <3

infinity sign tattoo | Tumblr

Exactly #tattoo #ink

Anchor Music logo. would be a cute tattoo!

you wouldn't know if from the looks of my hubby (he has NONE) but it's the one thing that will bring me to my knee's in a split second.. yummmmy

How cute are these metallic rose gold baby moccasins? / @nordstrom #nordstrom

Father - Daughter :) by Mike Kremer, via 500px