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  • inneke

    Druids Trees: The Lord and Lady of the Wildwood..... to reconnect with the sacred in nature, in all its details & in its grand vast landscapes..; to reconnect with the spirits taking care of her....

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"The Oak King" Print from the original oil painting by Emily Balivet, 2010. The Oak King is the lord of green woods, ruler presiding over the waxing (rebirth) year. A younger, virile twin to the Holly King. The two are dual aspects of the Horned God battling for the favor of the Goddes

Ents... as told by JR Tolkien they are giant, tree-like sheperds of the forests...the old forests of which there are few left today. What a pity that the inquisitive nature of our minds brought us to destroy so much of what is good in this world. Ents would have been nice to know... Carol

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