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Here at an XL Roofing customer, we have fiberboard insulation going down on top of a polystyrene slope package.

Three crew members are busy working at 2 ply SBS membrane system. This must be completed before days end to make sure the roof is left waterproof.

Edmonton, Alberta

Fiberboard has been laid down in this picture. Next XL roofing is going to mop down the base membrane in hot asphalt to the fiberboard. The base membrane is the first ply in the 2 ply SBS system.

This picture is taken from a good distance where you can see the deterioration of the foam membrane all over the roof. XL Roofing will rip this off and install a 2 ply SBS system.

Another final look of the client completed 2 ply SBS roof system. The membrane comes way up underneath the shingles to prevent any ice damn leaking in the winter between the sloped and flat roof.

Edmonton roofing contractors - Here we are torching down the final membrane on the 2 ply SBS system. As you can see #XLRoofing flat roof system ties into the shingles and goes up about 3' to prevent any ice damming concerns. Loydminster roofing, Edmonton roofing, Edmonton roofing company, Edmonton roofing contractor, roofing companies Edmonton, roofing contractors Edmonton, Edmonton roofing companies, Edmonton Roof Snow Removal

In this picture you can see the embedded gravel from the existing roof has been scraped off by the Edmonton roofing contractor. This has to be done in order to tie in the new SBS membrane to the tar and gravel membranes.

This spec called for ½” gypsum board to be mechanically fastened to a steel deck. You can also see in the bottom of the photo a vapour barrier is starting to be mopped down by the Edmonton roofing company, us of course :)

On this job roofers at XLRoofing had to build up the outside parapet with a pony wall to account for the slope package. It has been properly insulated and built with 2 x 6’s and plywood.