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The "Inverted Effect" from Paint or Photoshop, done with Make-Up.

Не новая, но все ещё дорогая мне работа, потому что делали её спонтанно и "для души" с моей музой @christine136 , для меня мои любимые девочки модели- это неотъемлемая часть макияжа, очень важна связь с ними на каком-то энергетическом уровне, очень часто моё творческое настроение зависит от моей модели, знакомо вам такое❓ •••#nophotoshop #noedit #nofilter Not my new work but its dear to me as it was done on no occasion "just for fun" with my special muse @christine136 I strongly depend on…

Teamwork makes the dream work. Even if I don't know him personally, I always feel like Namjoon is one of the most amazing people walkin around on this earth. He is so intelligent and ambitious and I really love the way he is leading Bangtan. Namjoon makes me want to dream big! As well as they dreamed big and achieved so much. I am so thankful for having Bts in my life and a special thanks to Joonie! Okay speech of an way to proud Army stops here. Hwaiting! ❤

Windy's Wonderful Creations: Special Day Dragonfly!

Community Signs Skill Pack (Special Education and Autism Resource)

Being able to identify and understand community signs is a crucial for my special education students. These hands on tasks help them develop those life skills. There are 3 different levels so all of my students are able to use them. They are really helpful for my students with autism and multiple disabilities. Perfect for SPED rooms, work task boxes and direct instruction.

Laminate, Velcro, and Go! Anytime Simple Sentence Tasks

This work system task is great for emerging readers. With a combination of preprimer sight words and CVC words, students match sentences to pictures. This is a favorite task in my Special Education classroom.